14 June 2006

No time for exercise? You may already be exercising more than you think.

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Andi reminds us that running around after kids is exercise:

Clip a pedometer to your waistband when you get up in the morning. You'll be amazed by how many steps you take on an average day chasing the kid(s) around. Write down your total steps at the end of the day. After a week, add the totals and divide by 7 to get your daily average. Once you know your average, you can start trying to increase it a little at a time with such simple changes as looking for parking spaces further from the door. A mile is approximately equal to 2000 steps. Increasing your daily average by 300 steps every week would add a little over a mile per week to your walking activity. The results will be good for you and your kid(s).


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I think that this is a great idea. If you're just using for some rough estimates there's no reason to purchase something so expensive however, something like this will work fine:


While you're getting one, if you have a Partner, SO, Husband, Wife, or whoever, get one for them as well. They are great for making sure you don't sit at a desk all day!

Gradual changes, like increasing your steps by approximately a mile a week, become lifestyle changes. Gradual lifestyle adjustments stick and they can be the key for a longer, healthier life for you **and** your children.

You may not already know that Heather and I are pedometer addicts. The one you have pictured is actually my pedometer of choice, and I'm on my 4th. A great thing for someone on maternity leave, especially in an urban area.

We are huge fans of the pedometer! Oh, I see Whitney beat me to it. Ha ha ha.

The Happy Feet soundtrack is great to dance to!!

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