Keep dinner takeout menus at work

Here's how Karen streamlines dinner takeout:

I keep menus from restaurants in my neighborhood in my desk at work for days when I’m too beat to cook. I phone in my order before leaving work and tell them when I want to pick it up (depending on my commute) and I pick up my take-out order as I pass the restaurant on the way home. There’s no wait, and it makes a brutal day much easier.



  1. momma2mingbu says

    Some restaurants will also let you order online now! You can place your order any time during the day and specify a time for pickup or delivery.

  2. Jill says

    I’m a stay-at-home-mom, but for our tough days I’ve stocked my husband’s glove compartment with take-out menus so he can do the same.

  3. Colin Principe says

    Make sure that your take-out choices are as healthy as your home meals. Many restaurant meals have portions that are far too large for one person and are high in fats and calories. Most chains offer some kind of healthy options – don’t sacrifice nutrition for time!