Homemade, healthy “Lunchables”

This from Andi:

Lunchables are a favorite snack for many kids these days. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and are very high in sodium and preservatives. You can pack a healthier, and less expensive, version using whole wheat or multi-grain crackers, low-fat part-skim cheeses, and low-sodium luncheon meats. You can cut the meat and cheese to cracker size with cookie cutters in interesting shapes. You can also add fruit, and veggies to your homemade alternative. You can find some wonderful re-usable sectioned containers online.


  1. Tami says

    This is one of my boys favorite lunches. We do the homemade version all the time. I have only bought 1 “lunchables” from the store in 3 years. It is also great when we are wanting to get lunch on the table quickly for hungry boys.