Hairbands as lightweight cabinet locks

Jill offers practical advice for babyproofing "lite":

There is a big difference in my house between cupboards with cleansers in them and cupboards with puzzles and games containing small pieces.  I've found that a hairband holding the cupboard doors shut is all it takes to deter nosy tots.  Both my boys found it easier to move on than to persist in trying to open the cupboard.  It isn't hard to open, and my 4yo can keep his smaller toys behind a hairband lock by himself.  (When I say small, I mean annoying to pick up, not particularly of swallowing hazzard.  I keep marbles up high.)

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  1. Dot says

    The thick rubber bands that hold stalks of broccoli together also do the trick ! The only problem i’ve seen with using rubber band type things is that if they really try to pull on it they may pinch their fingers.

  2. Jennifer says

    I’ve found that bungee cords work well. The longer ones can go through a few cabinets and they interlink tight enough to keep the little tot out.