Cut banana as portable baby food

Kirsten passed along a brilliant baby food hack:

Here's a hack I've admired from afar, saw it too late to try it with my kids. Cut a banana in half (the short way, not the long way, does that make sense?), with the peel still on and you have two instant meals in handy "containers" easy for you to hold. Take a baby spoon, moosh up the banana inside the peel and feed the baby. Smart, huh?

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  1. Caron Arnold says

    Here’s another cool banana trick:
    My son likes bananas, but he will never eat an entire banana. My parents taught me that you can cut off only the amount that you’ll use and the banana will “seal” off the exposed fruit, preserving the rest of the banana for later.

    When you want to use more, cut more off and peel away the “seal”.