25 June 2006

Check your local library for summer reading activites

Does your local library have a summer reading program? Ours does, and my son (a new reader just out of kindergarten) can't get enough of it. For every 30 minutes he reads, he gets to color in a spot on a game card. Depending on how many spots he colors in, he wins prizes. Brilliant!

This summer, we're having daily reading time -- perfect mid-day sun break or post-lunch mellow activity. My son reads his books (silently or aloud), I read mine (Me! Read! My books!), and my almost 3yo daughter listens to her brother or flips through her own books. She's part of the program, too; being read to counts, so even though she doesn't read she can still participate.

I can't tell you how good this feels. My kids see me reading (and enjoying it), my son keeps his reading skills going during the summer, and we enjoy a quiet activity together.


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I love the library! It's funny how easy it is to forget about what it has to offer. Instead we're in such a hurry to go spend money.

Ours has kids' cds and dvds. I'm currently enjoying the Curious George soundtrack (free). Our library also has family film festivals and art programs for kids.

We've been participating in our summer reading program for years now. The kids get points for reading to themselves or reading aloud to others. They also get points for listening to books. I get points for reading out loud to them or listening to them read to me. Then we all get points and earn prizes! LOL! Great stuff too...some small toys, paperback books, Steak and Shake coupons, baseball tickets, swimming passes, museum passes, bowling coupons, etc. It's a great program that the kids look forward to every summer here!

OMG I used to love those programs when I was a kid. We were pretty poor and I was a hard-core bookworm with a gift for quick reading, so the primo goal for me was to pile up enough points to load up on free books at the end of the program.

Man, I can still remember walking into the library on prize day clutching my heavily-worn tracking sheet and ogling the (to me) massive table 'o books I could pick my prizes from. I usually read enough to pick several. Pure heaven.

We love to walk to the library on hot days, then relax in the free air conditioning! My kids love to play with the library's toys, especially the train set.

Our library has always had a kids and adults summer reading club, but this year they are including babies! My 6 month old gets cute, age appropriate prizes like rubber duckies. My 2 1/2 year old gets stickers and small toys for doing what we already do anyways - reading!

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