Bring the high chair in the bathroom

Melissa says:

I have found a remedy to when I need to take a shower when the baby is awake.  I take the high chair into the bathroom with me, give him a snack and shower in peace.  It's been a lifesaver.

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  1. momma2mingbu says

    We used a “johnny jump up” type thing hanging in the doorway.

    Or pulled an exersaucer into the doorway.

    Or put younger babies into a bouncy seat beside the tub.

    OR…..brought them into the tub/shower with us.

  2. Anji says

    I have always popped my little man in his car seat, as when he moves it rocks, which pleases him immensely. Then he just watches me shower, which I imagine he finds quite amusing. I feel very sorry for his future psychiatrist…

  3. Charisse says

    We went from carseat to bouncy seat to blanket with toys on the floor. My daughter’s 2 now–I still prefer to have her in hearing range, so I save a couple especially good puzzles for shower time…and she helps me with my shower singing. :)

  4. Gene R says

    And we wonder why child obesity is a growing epidemic.

    Why is it that every time someone needs to distract their child for a few minutes so they can get something done for themselves, does that distraction include food?

    How about giving he toddler a book, or some blocks. If he throws them on the floor, then he’ll get upset and you’ll spend the rest of your shower listening to him complain (complain = scream). But, next time, he’ll think twice before throwing away his only entertainment.

    Good luck.

  5. Melissa says

    Don’t worry Gene, this is the only time I feed my kid, so he won’t be getting obese any time soon. **insert roll eyes here**

    Get over yourself. If you think he’s getting fat from snacking on an apple while I shower for 10 minutes, then you really are insane.