Auntie Vivi’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Foodmomiac's grilled cheese sandwich post got me to reminiscing about my own childhood lunchtimes. My Auntie Vivi made what I thought was the best grilled cheese (aka "toasted cheese" for non-Americans) in the world. Later generations (my cousins' kids) agree with me. Nothing fancy, to be sure, but this, along with my Uncle Ralph's home-baked cookies and a glass of milk, really hit the spot when I was a kid.

Here's her recipe for the perfect crunchy/gooey grilled cheese sandwich:

She spreads two slices of white or sourdough bread with butter, adds the a slice of American and a slice of Muenster cheese, then grills it in a skillet over medium-low heat (hot enough to toast the bread and melt the cheese, not so hot it burns).



  1. momma2mingbu says

    We’ve discovered making our grilled cheese sandwiches with a little bit of Miracle Whip spread on the bread instead of butter. They cook a bit faster that way so you need to be careful not to burn them, but they are YUMMY!

  2. daddyo says

    Foodmomiac uses mayonnaise on hers – what a great parent hack – eggs and oil in one step!

  3. Trent says

    We eat grilled cheese sandwiches regularly. The biggest key is mixing and matching cheese and not buying the cheapest slices you can find – the fresh cheese tastes so much better! (I’m partial to swiss, myself)

  4. Gail Reed says

    Same idea but less messy: don’t butter the bread, butter the pan. That is, melt the same amount of butter in the pan, then you don’t end up trying to hold a sandwich that’s been buttered on the outside. Same result – yummy.

  5. r, j & a says

    I make what I like to call gourmet grilled cheese. I use 9 grain or heavy grain bread buttered on the outside. Inside is three slices of cheese, one swiss, one colby, and one of choice. Between the slices of cheese I spread a very very thin layer of mayo and sprinkle a tiny bit or oregano. Grill it up in a pan, and it’s done! Yummy. All this talk makes me want one.

  6. Serrina says

    My Grandma taught me how to do these with Mayo and my best girlfriend, Sarah T. swears by these short order fry cook sammies; the Mayo way! We also use fresh, great cheddah! Delish! Adding sliced tomatoes, Avocado and Bacon creates a little heaven, as well.

  7. Moxie says

    If you need to do a bunch of sandwiches at the same time, you can butter them and put them on baking sheets and bake them in the oven at around 375. Flip halfway through.

  8. Mom101 says

    I will personally vouch for the utter perfection of melted munster on anything. I hardly eat a grilled cheese that’s made with anything else (and I eat a looooot of grilled cheese sandwiches).

  9. Carly says

    Dust off that old George Foreman Grill and try grilled cheese on it. The cheese melts quickly and compleltely, you don’t even have to flip it!! mmmm… My favorite recipe is a 3 cheese blend of whatever I have on hand. Wenselydale with cranberries and munster is my alltime fave.

  10. cJw says

    I’m sure you’ll cringe at this, but I have yet to ‘grow out’ of the Velveeta grilled cheese sandwich (not overly buttered bread and the pan a little too hot to ensure crispiness). Best when accompanied by a big glass of milk and ‘bread and butter’ pickles. :D

  11. shelli says

    I’m lazier!

    I put two slices of bread in the toaster, get out a slice of cheese, and when the bread pops up, all toasted, I put the cheese between the troast, and smoosh it with my hand for a few seconds, and wait about 30 seconds to serve. The heat of the toast melts the cheese – and there’s less oily mess to contend with…