A dab of lavender dulls diaper fumes

Lauren picks up parenting ideas from movies about psycho killers:

Believe it or not, my hack was inspired by "Silence of the Lambs." [I'll refrain from making a tasteless joke about "hacks." — Ed.]

My muscle-bound, black-belt of a husband has recently been felled by foul diapers. So foul, he has to call me in to the room to share his olfactory pain and — hopefully — pass off the doody duty to me.

So I grabbed up the bottle of lavender-scented lotion and put two huge dabs right under his nostrils… and voila! The man is now a diaper-changing champ. And his face is getting really smooth!

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  1. Bill Moseley says

    Seriously – Unless it takes 5 minutes to strip, wipe and replace, holding your breath should do quite nicely.

  2. Clang says

    Being Australians, and using cloth nappies (Daipers to those in the US), we tend to go with a quick spray of Eucalyptus in the laundry while sorting the wet ones from those needing to be soaked. The sorting process can take a little while, so the stench can get nasty, but the Eucalyptus overpowers anything. And you get the scent of the bush in your house, so that’s good, too.