Parent Hacks admin: Sponsor love

I'm not sure where my manners have been, but up till now I've failed to recognize the sponsors who have advertised on Parent Hacks. FM has brought me some lovely sponsors, so I'd like to take a moment to thank them for supporting Parent Hacks. A great service for recording, organizing and sharing your […]

Homemade, healthy “Lunchables”


This from Andi: Lunchables are a favorite snack for many kids these days. Unfortunately, they can be expensive and are very high in sodium and preservatives. You can pack a healthier, and less expensive, version using whole wheat or multi-grain crackers, low-fat part-skim cheeses, and low-sodium luncheon meats. You can cut the meat and cheese […]

Ziploc Big Bags good for seasonal clothing storage


Kirsten passed along yet another good use for Ziplocs: A great new product for storing outgrown or off season kids’ clothes: Ziploc big bags. All the convenience and quality of a Ziploc bag, but big! You can write on them with a Sharpie and the best thing is (unlike the garbage bags I used to […]

Bring the high chair in the bathroom

Melissa says: I have found a remedy to when I need to take a shower when the baby is awake.  I take the high chair into the bathroom with me, give him a snack and shower in peace.  It's been a lifesaver. Tags: Baby, Parenting

Spray bottle as portable air conditioning


Here's how Kirsten keeps the kids cool on summer outings: I've gotten in the habit of taking a spray bottle filled with water with us whenever we go on hikes, to the zoo, or the park. Babies can't regulate their temperature well, and it helps to mist them off occasionally so that they don't get […]

A dab of lavender dulls diaper fumes


Lauren picks up parenting ideas from movies about psycho killers: Believe it or not, my hack was inspired by "Silence of the Lambs." [I'll refrain from making a tasteless joke about "hacks." — Ed.] My muscle-bound, black-belt of a husband has recently been felled by foul diapers. So foul, he has to call me in […]

Simple birthday party theme for young ‘uns

I'm allergic to overly elaborate birthday parties. So I love Sara's idea: I didn't want to go overboard for J.'s first birthday, but I did want to make it special, so I decided on a very simple theme: Red. (Her favorite color.) We all wore red, ate strawberry shortcake off of red placemats, and played […]