When they laugh, the toothbrush goes in

Swan's trick for brushing her son's teeth:

My son, The Voice, fights me about everything. He thinks its fun to, for example, 'fight-dress,' which is he tries to kick me while I'm putting on his pants. I don't know where he gets this, but it's a challenge to do the things which need to be done without having them devolve into a war of wills. Mostly, I just try to make the task / chore / event into a game. Like when I brush his teeth, which he fights me every time of course, when he closes his mouth and refuses the toothbrush, I'll brush his chubby cheeks. He's ticklish, so he starts laughing and opens his mouth, allowing me to…
You get the picture.



  1. Jill says

    For my toddler I label everything I can remember him eating during the day “oh, lets scrub the pretzels. There are the grapes…” Then to get the front he makes “shark teeth” for me. If I’m quick I can get a reasonable brushing. And I hold him in my knees so he can’t easily get away!

  2. MIchael says

    It’s embarrassing to admit, but I have a number of ugly old amalgam fillings in my teeth. I showed them to my kids (4 and 2 year old) and explained if they don’t let me brush, they’ll get ugly holes like dad. I’ve never had a problem since. If they do put up a fight I look in their mouths and mention I think I can see a hole. Never fails!