Timing visits to the pediatrician

Sara passes along this time-saver:

If you schedule visits to the pediatrician's office for first thing in the morning or immediately after lunch, you'll usually have a much shorter wait because they won't be as backed up.



  1. momma2mingbu says

    Yep. First thing in the morning is usually the best. Another reason we usually do this is that hopefully there are less germs lurking when they first open as the place has just been cleaned! (Hate taking them for well child visits and then seeing them get sick a couple of days later!)

  2. Chris says

    Yes, BUT…

    We always schedule at the end of the day on a Friday, since most daycares (ours anyway) makes you keep your kids out for 24 hours after immunizations. You wait a bit for sure, but mom or dad don’t have to burn a sick or vacation day to keep an otherwise healthy child away from other kids.

    I suppose that makes us “bad parents,” but sick/vacation days aren’t plentiful in our house.

  3. Kris says

    I work in pediatrics. Coming first thing in the morning is a great idea. There is usually very little wait time. Coming first thing after lunch is not. If there is a luncheon, your doctor hasn’t returned to the office yet, overload of patients from the morning, etc you’ll end up waiting. Some of the longest waits in a pediatrics office are at the end of the day and right after lunch.

  4. Nico'sMama says

    re: chris: Yes, BUT…
    That doesn’t make you bad parents at all!! That is a good philopsophy — my man has off on Monday so that works out well for us — I write him a list of questions and we can converse about the answers at dinner!