16 May 2006

Strollometer gives you exercise stats as you stroll

For all you gadget-hounds, here's a nifty accessory for your Baby Jogger (or any other stroller, for that matter). The Strollometer attaches to your stroller and tracks your mileage, speed, distance, and time, and even displays the time of day and ambient temperature. Available soon -- keep an eye on the Strollometer site if you're interested. Nice aside: the Strollometer's co-inventors are parents themselves. [Via Caron (thanks for the tip!) via Gizmodo]

[Edited to add: According to Amazon, the Strollometer should be available mid-September 2006.]

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Was down at JPMA this last week, scouting for stroller gadgets (a parent-invention hobby of mine), and found several neat parent-invented gadgets among the crowd....I've compiled a list of all the stroller accessories I can find at: http://www.slingwheels.com/products_temp.htm.

I actually hacked a regular cycle computer onto my stroller. It works great. I rollerblade and walk with it and it really motivates me to see how far/fast I am going.

I have one that I got for a class I take called Strollerfit
I love knowing how fast i run and the distance...

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