The best way to wipe snot from a baby’s nose

You heard it here first, folks. (Thanks, Sara!)

This is kind of silly, but….  If you wipe noses straight down, you'll pull more snot out of the nose and not end up with slime spread all over baby's cheek.

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  1. Dana says

    That’s what I like about Parent Hacks–you’re not afraid to tackle the tough stuff.

  2. Jill says

    And what to use when no tissue is available? I’ve heard ideas from your shirt sleeve or shirt tail to removing baby’s sock. What’s your favorite nose wiping back-up item?

    BTW, as a teacher I learned that left pocket holds the clean tissues, right pocket holds the… not so clean ones. Don’t accidentally reach in!

  3. Betsy says

    I practice the pinch-n-roll, myself – sort of squeeze the nostrils as I move my hand down so as to push out the extra goop. Works pretty well.

  4. Barb says

    I third the pinch and roll!

    And I’ve read that you should avoid having the child blow because it sends infected mucus back up the sinuses (same applies to adults). Still, sometimes I want to lessen the amount of times I’m wiping, so I’ll have the child blow gently without plugging the nostrils.

  5. Carrie says

    I use baby wipes for boogies. They soften the crusty stuff, and don’t hurt as much as a tissue. And they leave her nose a bit moisturised; no chapped upper lip from snot running down. The only downside is the damp wipe in your pocket if you are not near a garbage can…a small price to pay if it means my daughter doesn’t scream after having her nose wiped.

  6. Hands Free Heart says

    On the wiping: pinch & pull is for me.

    On the alternative, the inside of my shirt-tail.

    On the softening wipe… if at home I prefer to use a baby washcloth with warm water.

    On the chapped upper lip aspect…I use lanolin (Lansinoh is one brand)… it’s the only stuff recommended for breastfeeding moms to use on their nipples without wiping off, so I use it on my babies lips and noses as I don’t really want them ingesting petroleum jelly or the chemicals in lotions. (Lansinoh is a bit stickier than Vaseline, so I soften it with the warmth between my finger and thumb before applying so it will go on smoother.)

  7. Ashley says

    The breastfeeding cream for chapped nipples n using it for babies chapped nose n lips is the best advice yet thank you!!!!