Rotate toys to keep them interesting

This bit of advice, passed along by Sara, holds true for kids of all ages.

We have a small basket of toys in the living room and a larger bin the bedroom.  The ones in the living room are the only ones that get played with, so every week or so I rotate toys from one room to the other.  My 11-month-old's memory is short enough that they seem like new.



  1. Christian Pearce says

    This is a great idea we did this for a while. Until my daughter settled in on legos. ;) Another good idea is to just go through and take out the toys they don’t play with anymore. This may seem obvious but since we are all busy parents I think we forget to do things like this from time to time. Don’t be afraid to get rid of some of the toys. Broken ones you definitely toss. Give away anything useful. And save what you want for sentimental reasons, or if you are having another one.