Quick, healthy breakfast ideas

Here are Sara's:

Growing up, my mother always fed us quick, healthy breakfasts before school.  One of our favorites was breakfast tacos (I've seen these called breakfast burritos outside of Texas).  On the weekend, she'd make up a big batch of eggs, sausage, rice, and beans and we'd have fresh breakfast tacos.  Then we'd all sit at the table making tacos and wrapping them in clear wrap.  The tacos would last for most of a week, and we could just grab one and warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Another fun, easy, healthful breakfast is a fruit smoothie — frozen fruit, skim milk, yogurt in the blender, blended until smooth.  Put some whole-grain toast on the side and you've got a healthy breakfast.

What're your family's favorite quick breakfasts?

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  1. Kvetch says

    So strange…I’ve never been here before yet today I have my own post on breakfast. Well, sort of. Great minds think alike I suppose!

  2. Serrina says

    Egg Bagel Sandwich. Put an egg in a cup, scramble and microwave for about 1 minute – it’s then ready and the perfect size to put on a toasted bagel with creamcheese +/- some sliced tomatoe, cucumber or whatever else.

  3. Jill says

    We’ll make a whole loaf of french toast occassionally on a weekend, then snap off a frozen slice and put it in the toaster. Egg and whole grain bread right there. If you add vanilla to the egg mixture you get a sweet flavor without adding syrup later.

  4. Christina Shaver says

    We do the breakfast smoothies, but with a picky toddler, I add vitamin-enriched protein powder and flax seed oil. When the rest of the day is spent eating goldfish crackers, I can remain somewhat assured that he’s getting the protein and vitamins he needs.

  5. Julie C says

    I’ve found that the best way to get homemade smoothies into my 2-year old is to freeze them in a popsicle mold. She thinks she’s scored a popsicle for breakfast but what she’s really getting is pureed fruit and yogurt.

  6. Christian Pearce says

    Spinach Potato Pancakes. Very healthy and cook up pretty quick. You can get the frozen at the grocery store. I never tried but I bet your could put them in a toaster.


  7. Steph. says

    I don’t have a suggestion here, but just wanted to say THANKS for this. I need to get my kids on a more healthy eating track for breakfast and I love all of these ideas–especially the breakfast burrito one!

  8. Kai Jones says

    Any leftover from a dinner can be reheated for breakfast: spaghetti, mac-n-cheese, chicken stirfry, tuna sandwich–whatever your kids like and will eat. Turning around breakfast and dinner was a popular change-up at our house, and I found it worked better for our family to make elaborate breakfasts (like pancakes or muffins from scratch) in the evening while mornings were usually grab-n-go foods.

  9. Meredith Eisenberg says

    Wow! what great ideas — some would work for lunch too (I’m always *trying* to bring lunch to work — never really succeed…

  10. Suki says

    Lately we’re on a yogurt, oatmeal (organic instant) or peanut butter toast and fresh fruit. Very fast and I also get to use the hot water for my chai.

  11. Rob O'Daniel says

    I like oatmeal. And I was for the longest time a real purist about only eating the old-fashioned variety (that has to cook for 5 minutes) because i was so wary of the sugar that’s crammed into the mushy instant oatmeal. But then I found the (relatively) new Quaker Weight Control instant oatmeal. It’s not loaded with sugar, but instead has twice the fiber and several times the protein of typical instant oats. And you can bump up the protein content even more by making it with skim milk rather than water and tossing in a handful of chopped walnuts or pecans. And I like to also toss in a few raisins…