Parent Hacks admin: Search our favorite parenting sites

SearchrollHave you noticed that the Parent Hacks search feature can search more than just Parent Hacks? Because Parent Hacks doesn't answer every parenting question (yet), I've put together a Rollyo "searchroll" of my favorite practical parenting sites such as Babycenter, iVillage Parenting, Berkeley Parents Network,, FamilyFun, Ask Moxie and more. That way, if you don't find what you seek here, you can scour those sites for answers just as easily.

By default, when you type in a query and hit the Search button, you get what you'd expect: a full search of all Parent Hacks posts. To access the searchroll, in the Parent Hacks sidebar, select "Our favorite parenting sites" from the drop-down menu underneath the search box, and then proceed as usual to search.


  1. kelly jeanie says

    Wonderful, thanks! I particularly love that you put Moxie’s site in with those. She’s wonderful.

  2. Alex says

    I have been working on collecting articles and reports on parenting for some time. My partner Desiree and I have just launched our resource site at and would love to get some feedback.

  3. tracey says

    Check out too. It’s a site FULL of parent to parent advice. Very easy to find immediate thoughts and input on any parenting subject. You can ask for help or offer it. Word.

  4. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Duh! Of course I’ll add Minti! Dumb oversight…it’s a wonderful resource.