Make your own photo blocks

Photojojo Photoblocks

At Daddy Types, Greg passed along a pointer to a Photojojo video tutorial for creating your own photo blocks. A better gift than toy, I think, but cool all the same. While you're at Photojojo, have a look around the archives — wonderful ideas there! Tags: Art projects

Light:night: a gentle, portable nightlight


Debra raves about light:night: I *love* this new nightlight and just wanted to share with the group. It's not glaring or too bright like other nightlights, but gives a cozy colored glow or a brighter light when needed.  Plus, it is portable, so my son can put it where he wants it and turn on/off […]

Cohousing: the modern equivalent of a “village”

Old Berkeley pal Aditya passed along this glimpse into to cohousing — something I never knew existed. Amazing stuff, especially given how many of us struggle with the pressures of modern parenting in relative isolation, far away from extended family, or in neighborhoods that aren't conducive to distributing the childcare load. Cohousing looks to be […]

Talk amongst yourselves: Bugs in the sandbox

Kirsten wonders: How do I keep the bugs out of the sandbox? I put the lid on after each use and it keeps the water and cats out, but there continue to be small bugs in there. Does everyone have this or is there something I should do to keep them out? Tags: Sandboxes

Parent Hacks admin: Search our favorite parenting sites


Have you noticed that the Parent Hacks search feature can search more than just Parent Hacks? Because Parent Hacks doesn't answer every parenting question (yet), I've put together a Rollyo "searchroll" of my favorite practical parenting sites such as Babycenter, iVillage Parenting, Berkeley Parents Network,, FamilyFun, Ask Moxie and more. That way, if you […]

Convincing kids to “just try and go potty”

Patrick has found a way to help his son recognize those oh-so-subtle "internal cues" — Here's a trick I use occassionally with my son -  3.5 years old.  He is potty trained (for the most part), but will resist if I ask him to "try to go" before we go on a car ride or […]

What to do when your toddler repeats your curse words

Nathan has found a brilliant way to deal with the inevitable cursing slip-up: Our 21 month-old daughter likes to repeat the last word we say in a sentence, and sometimes the last phrase.  Because of this we try very hard not to curse around her but on occasion a "@#$%" will pop out and like […]