Make your own drinkable yogurt

Moxie, of the indispensable parenting advice site Ask Moxie, makes her own drinkable yogurt:

Drinkable yogurt is delicious but super-expensive and sugary. To make your own less expensive and less sweet drinkable yogurt, buy regular flavored yogurt and cut it with plain milk, then shake to mix. You can even put it in old drinkable yogurt containers to fool your kids, if you need to.



  1. Nathan says

    Be careful reusing plastic containers for drinking that are not meant for reuse. They can be dangerously full of bacteria.

  2. Jill says

    Instead of pouring it into a cup or bottle, freeze it into summer yogurt /ice cream popsicles

  3. Lisa says

    What a great idea. My son is addicted to these and is costing me a forunte!

  4. mom101 says

    Very smart! I recently saw one of those blurbs on babycenter from a woman who wrote about not giving her kid watermelon “because of the sugar” but giving her YoBaby. Um…

  5. none says

    Are most containers fine as long as you put them in the dishwasher between uses?