Link roundup: baby gear, Zunafish, homemade baby wipes, Dropshots

Welcome back from your holiday festivities! (I meant to welcome you back this morning, but it's been a rather tumultuous day in the Dornfest household. I'm sure you understand.)

It was quiet in the blogosphere over the Memorial Day weekend (evidence that bloggers do, indeed, have lives), but everyone's back with a bang today. A few good clicks for you:

  • Daddy Types reports on the ABC Fun Pad, which looks to be a better coffee table pad than any I've ever come across.
  • Thingamababy brings us the Diaperbridge Portable Changing Station, which fits over a public restroom sink. I imagine the sight of a baby's poopy bum is sure to delight the other handwashers. AJ has his own ideas as well.
  • Jinkies! points to Zunafish, where you can swap DVDs, CDs, video games, and other media for only $1 per trade.
  • Blogging Baby showcases a company that makes quilts out of your baby's old clothing (cute), and a recipe for homemade baby wipes.
  • Rookie Moms talks about, a new photo sharing service.

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