30 May 2006

Homemade Pedialyte-type rehydration solution

Awhile back I passed along a Blogging Baby link on making your own rehydration solution for flu-ridden kids. Laryen commented that sugar (not Splenda, as in the BB recipe) is an important ingredient. Here's another option, from my (well-spoken) friend Mike:

I got this from a pediatrician and he uses it to mimic Pedialyte's salt/sugar/electrolyte balance at less cost and better taste. Benjamin calls this "Daddy's magic juice" and inhales it! Here's the recipe:

  • 1 part water
  • 1 part Gatorade (or similar sport drink)
  • 1 part apple juice

That's it. Easy, cheap, effective.  I'm curious to pair this with the yogurt popsicle hack for the transition to solid foods next time I need to. Then again, maybe I'll never need it again, right?  Maybe I'll never spend another 3-5 days tending to a kid with it coming out both ends, right? RIGHT? Oh well, we can all dream can't we. At least (and at last) we have Parent Hacks to keep us well-tooled, sane, and on the bleeding edge of pithy parenting practices.

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Dads can easily make their own re-hydration solution for flu-ridden kids. Here's a formula from a pediatrician who uses it to mimic Pedialyte's salt / sugar / electrolyte balance at less cost and better taste. Click [Read More]

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