Hacks for mothers of nonstop nursers

Lisa‘s hack brought back memories of the hours (and hours…) spent nursing.

As my boy nursed NON-stop for the first few months of his life, I had to have some workarounds to spending 7+ hours/day in the nursing chair.

  • I found the T-Mobile Sidekick to be essential, because I could nurse and email at once.
  • I also got a headset for my phone so I could talk while nursing.
  • There is also this item called the Thumb Thing that allows you to read one-handed that came in particularly handy when I was looking up just how long this kid should really be nursing, anyway.
  • And for pumping, I cut two holes in a nursing bra for the cups and could take my pumping hands-free.

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    Here’s a link –


    that shows how to pump hands free using hair elastics.

    You can do almost anything you want with a nursing baby who is riding in a sling. I’d have never gotten anything done with a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn without owning a sling!

    Learn to nurse laying down so you can get some rest. You can also prop a book up behind baby and read this way.

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    Getting a sidekick is a great idea. When my son was nursing I couldn’t make any noise at all or he would be starteled and start crying so hard that it was sometimes impossible to calm him enough to keep eating.

    Even text messaging would have been handy back then :)

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    I guess its the expensive version of cutting holes in the bra, but I totally stand behind my (cheesy) Easy Expressions Hands Free Pumping Bra.

    And bravo to the mama who can nurse while slinging, I was never that advanced!

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    I’ll second the Kellymom do-it-yourself handsfree nursing kit. It takes no time to set up and costs pennies (how much do 4 hair elastics cost these days?). Kellymom also has all kinds of great information and tips on breastfeeding and pumping in general.

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    I can back up the posts on the hair-elactic thing for hands-free pumping. It’s brilliant.