Great read-alound book for space lovers

Kate Haas is a kindred writer-spirit and the author of the lovely mama zine Miranda. Here's her book suggestion for aspiring astronauts:

"If You Decide to Go to the Moon" by Faith McNulty is the perfect read-aloud book for the space-obsessed kid whose parent is…shall we say…not all that thrilled by the dry parade of science facts that most rocket-to-the-moon books consist of. "If You Decide to Go to the Moon" manages to be scientific and poetic ("Playing cards will help pass the time, but if you drop them they will drift around the cabin like butterflies."). The brilliantly colored illustrations conjure up the star-studded, cold depths of space and the eerie lunar landscape, and the whole book is imbued with the sense of awe and curiosity that gets kids excited about rockets in the first place. And I love the ending, where the returning astronaut, newly struck by the wonders of home, vows to protect all life on our beautiful Earth.

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