Foodmomiac’s Daily Dinners

After I posted my 20 minute dinner (which, methinks, will become a regular feature; stay tuned), it occurred to me that other people are already doing the quick-easy-recipe thing. That won't stop me from sharing my own, but still.

You probably know I'm a fan of Danielle's blog, Foodmomiac. As a person who loves good food but has grown tired of preparing it, I admire anyone who manages inspired cooking while parenting young children. Her blog reminds me that cooking can be a wonderful creative outlet; a way to inject a little artistry into the domestic routine. Plus, she made a spreadsheet inventory of her canned goods during a pantry clean-out — a geek after my own heart.

Well, Danielle has a lovely category called Daily Dinners, and after a quick scan I figured out that many of them are things my family (read: my kids) would be willing to try. I suggest you drop by and have a look.

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