Emergency blankie stand-in

Here's what Jen (mom-of-newborn!) has discovered so far:

Ok, so a good emergency "blankie" for the middle of the night feedings/bouncy chair visits- a pair of fleece pj bottoms.  Fold to fit said bouncy chair (carseat, swing…) and let the kid warm away while you look for the blanket you "knew" was just there.

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  1. Dan says

    This may sound silly, but we used the same technique when our dog was a puppy. We went to a Old Navy and got a few pairs of very inexpensive fleece sweatshirts, which we’d use to line his crate. We got a bunch of them so that we’d always have one if he chewed one up, or if it needed to get tossed in the wash. Three years later, they are still his favorite thing.