06 May 2006

Combi Transition Highchair grows with your baby

Combi Transition
Despite its rather Klingon profile, the Combi Transition highchair might be worth a second look. It converts into a toddler chair and table when the time comes. Of course, there's no way it will look that clean after months of dried-on rice cereal and pureed bananas, but hey -- who's gonna notice? [Via Babygadget.]

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I love it! Wish they had this when we were buying my son's (oh so boring but functional) high chair.

Neat idea. One of those "I wonder why it took so long for someone to think of this" things, huh?

I wish we had never gotten a high chair. Since we waited the recommended 6 months to start solids with all three kids, we could have just used one of those booster seats that straps onto a normal chair. The high chair took up waaaayyyyy too much room in our tiny house.

Agreed, momma2mingbu. I've always had small kitchens and and we never had room for a high chair. I like the Fisher-Price Learning Booster (I list it in "Things We Like") because it's small, easy to clean, and relatively unobtrusive. Once my daughter was tall enough to comfortably eat at the table, I switched to the soft Cooshie booster (also in the sidebar there).

On the website www.onestepahead.com they have a version of this seat for on sale right now ($99). I can't tell if it's the same brand, but it looks comparable. Also, if you are looking for a wooden version, Kettler has a nice one on www.babyuniverse.com for $99.
While I think we could have used something simpler/cheaper, our highchair has come in really handy! I would definitely go for the convertible style (if there is a) next time.

We orignially went with a booster (as mentioned by others) but our chairs were not sturdy enough once our son started pushing himself away from the table (he is stronger than he looks!). We got a nice highchair from Ikea - <$100, and it is a simple wood highchair that doesn't take up much room and even matches our kitchen table.

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