14 May 2006

Cheeky baby t-shirts

No more "I love my Mommy" t-shirts for discriminating tots. Today's babe wears a onesie with an edge, something hip and possibly a little offensive, something that says "Because I'm cute enough to get away with it. If not, I'll just blame my parents."

Wry Baby: "I might barf." "Someday I'll demand a pony."
Nippaz with Attitude: "What would Joe Strummer do?" "It's gonna end in tears."
60 bugs: "N is for Nerd" (hand-stitched)
Bumberlam: "Thanks for the mammaries."
Baby Wit: "Come closer so I can spit up on you." "He thinks he's my Daddy."
ThinkGeek: "Geek in training." "Input/output."

Thanks, Dave, for a couple of those leads. Any others?

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So funny. I've got another link for you. Beware, some are very offensive but some are just generally cute my favorite is "All Mommy Wanted was a Backrub" Here's the link



I bought "Not Sleeping Through the Night" but they also sell "I survived nipple confusion."

There are some basic skulls and tattoos that you won't see at the Carter's Outlet on http://www.bornhip.com

Also "nip/suck" and "I suck" at http://www.thelactivist.com

We got Dingo Snack for our little d00d - you can see it in action here:

and buy it here: http://www.glarkware.com/

We have more than a few at a tshirt store on Whyte Avenue (One of Edmonton's "places to be").. One of the more edgy:

'Don't talk to me like I'm a f**king idiot' (shirt not bleeped)

Can't think of any more right now; they face the street, but it's not my taste for my kids ;)

I bought my daughter this one:

"I TCP/IP, but mostly IP."

Nerdy, yes.

Here are two more sites that I have come cross with cool baby clothes: http://www.themerchgirl.com/lilpunk.html and https://luckylildevil.com/Retail.html

eat, sleep, poop. what else is there?

I saw AB/CD in the same script as AC/DC's logo, and also
"Crawl DMC" at a shop in Seattle.

I also liked 'I might barf' and "NEW!" with a spangly star - saw those here in Portland.

What I DON'T like about all this wit is the price tag. $22 for a newborn onesie? Sheesh.

I love this site.
I know it sounds like it is not kid appropriate, but they sell punk rock style stuff for little ones. Be got the "My Dad's Still Punk" (in pink!) and the "My Mommy have more tattoos than your Mommy"
Fun stuff for the punk babies out there!

One more: http://www.tuttibella.com/baby-tshirts.html

I especially liked "Rage Against the Green Bean" and "No One Puts Baby in a Corner"...

My kids are a little older--ages 5 and 7--and I'm trying desperately to find good band t-shirts for them. Big Guy has a White Stripes shirt (he got it at their show last year) that he's about worn holes in by this time. He really, really wants a Pixies shirt and a Talking Heads shirt. Any leads on good places to find real, actual band shirts in real, actual kid sizes? Thanks!

I think HotTopic has really great stuff for babies and toddlers, and it changes frequently.


www.grassrootsstore.com has unbleached tshirts with cute things like a crab that says "crabbypants" (pumpkinpie had this one) and and "Cheeky Money" as well as some cool ones that say things like "Feminist," "I'm a breast man," and my personal favourite "Mutha Sucka" in gothic script.

Heres one that is a crack-up...It is a barcode that says "Made in Vagina" under the bars. Too much!


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