Baby feeder converts to teething icepack

Sandy weighs in with her teething hack:

If you used the baby fresh food feeders for your infants, you can use them again as ice packs for your teething toddlers. My son's molars have just begun to surface, and it has been teething hell. I finally found that I could put crushed ice in the mesh bag of the feeder and give it to him, and I could contain the mess and keep him hydrated. He loves it. I have tried dipping it in some juice instead of handing him an entire cup of juice (we are trying to avoid heavy juice intake), and it works just as well.

[More teething hacks here and here. — Ed.]

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  1. VenturaMom says

    Frozen mangos in the baby feeder were a big hit when my daughter was teething.

  2. Andi says

    Frozen bananas are always great in those feader thingies… (We jokingly call them “food socks”…)

  3. momma2mingbu says

    Hyland’s Teething Tablets are THE BEST. (If your baby has a dairy sensitivity, use their gel instead of the tablets.)

    Frozen cubes of breastmilk also work well in the baby safe feeder.

  4. Heather says

    Is anyone concerned that these feeder things teach an unnatural skill? Like, why do kids need to learn how to suck on mesh bags anyway?

    I’m probably just exposing my ignorance… my kid is one year old this week.

  5. Sandy says

    Well, my son has severe food allergies and fruits, including bananas, are “trigger” foods. But he loves ice cubes. And when teething, he who never drooled as an infant was drooling over everything while teething. So the ice in the baby feeder worked great to hydrate and soothe. And have a little fun as well.

  6. hedra says

    Heather, mesh feeders seem to teach good chewing skills. They can’t gag or choke from food sliding back too far. They learn to manipulate the food chunks (bag has little impact on this) with their tongue, plus use enough force to extrude food through the mesh. They ‘chew’ the bags, they don’t ‘suck’ the bags.

    Try frozen grapes in these for teething as well.