Free, fun paper toys

Like 0 Retweet 0 Google +1 0 Pin it 0 Speaking of fun with paper, here's a selection of lovely, printable paper toys, perfect for a rainy spring afternoon (which happen to be in abundance here in Portland). A tooth fairy gazebo, a popup card, and more. Thanks for the tip, Kristen! Tags: Art projects […]

Kids bored? Chain ‘em up!

Like 0 Retweet 0 Google +1 0 Pin it 0 Baby chain links, paper chains, paper clip chains, gum wrapper chains! Momready has a fun "Boredom Buster" up on making chains of all shapes and sizes. (Be sure to have a nice look around Momready. Lots of quick, practical tips and ideas, and ipod-ercise — […]

Elf reminds you when library books are due

Like 0 Retweet 0 Google +1 0 Pin it 0 Joel leans on tech to avoid library overdue fines: Elf is a free service that works much better than taking out sets of five.  Assuming your library is on the list (and they have several hundred of the largest libraries and library networks), you enter […]

Parenting in the TiVo age

Like 0 Retweet 0 Google +1 0 Pin it 0 As I scanned my Technorati "parenting" tag feed, this post caught my eye. Frazzled Parent (I wish I knew her name) talks about how her son attempted to "pause" her (a la TiVo) so he could go back to watching TV. She goes on to […]

Great read-alound book for space lovers

Like 0 Retweet 0 Google +1 0 Pin it 0 Kate Haas is a kindred writer-spirit and the author of the lovely mama zine Miranda. Here's her book suggestion for aspiring astronauts: "If You Decide to Go to the Moon" by Faith McNulty is the perfect read-aloud book for the space-obsessed kid whose parent is…shall […]

Parent Hacks admin: A veritable smorgasbord of kid music!

Like 0 Retweet 0 Google +1 0 Pin it 0 THANK YOU for all of your fantastic music recommendations! I've entered a whole new world of excellent kid music! I'll be highlighting my favorites in upcoming Parent Hacks posts and in the "What we're listening to" sidebar — and, as always, feel free to email […]

Foodmomiac’s Daily Dinners

Like 0 Retweet 0 Google +1 0 Pin it 0 After I posted my 20 minute dinner (which, methinks, will become a regular feature; stay tuned), it occurred to me that other people are already doing the quick-easy-recipe thing. That won't stop me from sharing my own, but still. You probably know I'm a fan […]