Today is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Every year, the fourth Thursday in April is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day. If you're a parent who works outside the home, it's a great opportunity to show your kids what the rest of your day looks like, what kinds of problems you solve, and who you spend time with (often, people they've never met).

My dad had a 40+-year career as an engineer (he's now retired). While he never took me to the office with him for an entire day, I did occasionally get a glimpse of his tie-wearing, cubicle-working, football-pool-participating, tea break-taking work life, and I was fascinated. He worked on the 33rd floor of a towering glass building off Market Street in San Francisco. When I came to his office, I had to stop at the front and get a visitor's badge, which made me feel very important and special. We'd ride the elevator up, up, up to his floor, and then make our way through the labyrinth of cubicles to his desk. It was piled with spreadsheets and reports full of numbers and words I didn't understand. I loved meeting his coworkers; usually large, jovial men who shook my hand vigorously and gazed down at me with fatherly pride. (I don't recall meeting any female engineers at the time.) It was an entire world I wasn't a part of, and I felt proud whenever I could visit, even for a few minutes.

For me — a stay- and work-at-home mom — every day is Take Your Kids to Work Day. So, this afternoon, I'm sitting my kids down in front of the laptop and telling them about my writing (including Parent Hacks). I'm also drawing up a mock-schedule of my home routine so they can see the work I do to keep family life rolling along. Domestic work has a way of becoming invisible, so it's good to point out to kids just how much effort homemaking and parenting requires. Not as exotic as my visits to my dad's office, but important just the same.



  1. mfm says

    Telling children about homemaking and parenting is a great idea. Many people make it into their 20’s without appreciating these tasks. Maybe our generation of parents can help nip that in the bud!

  2. Nick says

    Yup, when you are self employed every day is take your kids to work day. Now that the boy is 3-1/2 every 5 minutes I get “what are you doing?”, “what’s that?”. If he doesn’t know everything about selling machine tools and making jewelry by the time he’s five, it will be his fault.

    How about the nice people that do have day jobs celebrate “take the kids of some poor schmuck stuck at home working with a child hanging off his shoulders like a monkey talking incessantly in his ear to work day”

  3. Jaime says

    What a great idea to teach your children about the hard work of a SAHM or a WAHM! My daughter is only 2 so I did not get to bring her to work today. However, I am really looking forward to the time when I can do that—to show her that I am a better mom to her because I have found a way to manage my “day job” which I LOVE and my mommy job which is the best job I have ever and will ever have.

  4. decompiler says

    why is “bring your kids to work day” during the school year?! i would have loved to bring my 7-year-old to work with me today, but she’s *in school*.

    i’m going to try to set up a day during her summer break where i can bring her in.