Shovel up the Legos

From Kittenpie's wise family friend and mother of three:

When her daughters got to the age where they were playing with lots of small legos, a family friend of ours bought a large bin to store it all in and a kids plastic snow shovel. After spreading pieces all over the floor, she or her girls would simply take four or five passes over the carpet with the shovel to scoop and dump all those annoying little bits. Easy and fun, all in one.

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  1. Rob says

    I would like to file this hack under obvious, however I know far too many times where I’ve gone across the floor picking them up one by one. Good tip.

  2. Bob O'Shaughnessy says

    Lego makes the Bricvac if you can find one. There’s a paddle-wheel type aparatus in the front that flips bricks up into the bin in the back. Just grab the handle and run it over the floor, kind of like a Bissel sweeper.

  3. Owen says

    When I was a young’un I spread my legos out on a flat sheet or tablecloth. Then when it was time to clean up I could gather up the edges of the cloth and pick them up all at once.

  4. Sara in Austin says

    And what child of a parenthacks reader *wouldn’t* have legos? I know my husband had been hungrily eyeing them since our daughter was born… 1 month to go before she’s ready for the 12 month old Quatros.