Put several crib sheets on at the same time

Sara offers this excellent crib-making advice, which I can attest to, having recently dealt with a bout of stomach flu around here. Sigh.

In those first months, when you find yourself changing crib sheets a couple times a night, consider making the bed with 2 or 3 layers of sheets and sheet protectors.  That way, when it is 3 o’clock in the morning and the sheets are soiled all you have to do is pull of the top layer and you’re good to go.

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  1. says

    I still do this on my son and daughters bed. It is great if they have any night time accidents as it saves so much time in having to locate new sheets and completely remake the bed.

  2. NB says

    The absolute best are the quick zip sheets. A bottom sheet goes around the bottom and sides of the mattress, and then you can zip on and off the sheet tops. It seems like if you did the multiple layers, it could soak through anyway.
    You can get them at cloudsandstars.com

  3. Christian Pearce says

    Actually I would recommend “The Ultimate Crib Sheet”. Essentially it is a regular sheet backed by a waterproof sheet. It snaps into place in the crib. So it is really easy to put on and take off. As far as locating on in the middle of the night I hope you could remember that. For the few times we needed to change the sheet it worked great. And in case she had three accidents we still had a regular sheet on the bed.

    Here is a link, go ahead but a few:


  4. Kate says

    I did this with my daughter’s crib and with our bed, so in case she was in bed with us and barfed, we had clean sheets too!

  5. says

    Doh! I was sure I thought of this myself the other day and just reviewed ALL your potty training hacks to make sure… only to realize, I learned it back in 2006 from parent hacks. Oh well, it was brilliant in night time potty training action.

  6. Becky Casares says

    I also do this with the changing table. The changing pad comes with pretty, fitted cover but on top of that I keep several layers of portable changing pads, the kind without elastic sides. When I’m changing a blowout I can remove the affected clothes and diaper onto the top layer, which has gotten poop on it anyway, and slide it out beneath baby, to be rolled up and dealt with later. While baby’s legs are up she can be wiped clean and then laid back down onto a fresh surface.