14 April 2006

Put a toothpaste squeeze-it on the diaper cream tube

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I’ve discovered that the quicker I am with diaper changing the better.  I’ve also discovered that my diaper cream tube gets more difficult to squeeze out about halfway through.  So, I put toothpaste squeeze-Its on the diaper cream and it’s much easier and quicker to get the cream out of the tube!

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I used to use diaper cream from a tube, but then found a product called Dyprotex. It is diaper cream that comes on applicator pads, and is much easier to apply.

A&D also make a pump. It's brilliant.

I'm partial to Petkin Rash Stick. The container is like stick deodorant, so you just twist the knob to get the product out. I had a hard time finding anywhere to buy it, though, so I bought it direct from Petkin. I buy ten sticks at a time so I pay less for shipping.

I'm a little late in coming to this hack, but I wanted to add my two cents about our diaper cream of choice (and the use of a toothpaste squeeze on the tube).

We tried a number of creams and ointments on our son, who unfortunately is very susceptible to diaper rashes. The cream that worked best without irritating his skin further was Desitin Original (we tried creamy and it wasn't as effective). The only problems with Desitin is that it can be hard to get out of the tube and can be a bit pricey. Adding the squeeze as suggested by this hack solves both problems. The Desitin is easier to get out of the tube and not one bit is wasted.

I also wanted to point out another Parent Hack that helps when rashes just get out of control. We tried the baking soda treatment mentioned in the comments of this hack about rash relieving oatmeal baths with great success. Try it out http://www.parenthacks.com/2006/09/oatmeal_bath_so.html

We use the little tubs that the sent home with us from the hospital. Just mix it up and plop the naked baby butt into the little tub.

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