Printable lunch box notes

Printable lunch box notesThese may fall into the Cute Overload category, but I can't help but find these sweet, and I know my kids would love them. Little illustrated notes you can print out and tuck into a lunch box. The site (Alenka's Printables) also has printable chore charts and foldable reward pockets. [Via Vegan Lunchbox]

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  1. Lars Kellogg-Stedman says

    Not necessairly cuteness overload, but why not just design your own? Your friendly office store sells blank stickers of various sizes, and I suspect your kids would much prefer something you’ve designed yourself! I’m a rotten artist (as in, I can maybe draw stick figures on a good day), but I’ll occassionally forego the computer and — gasp! — grab some crayons or something to make notes with.

    This is also a great way to deliver someone — child or other — a secret note: