Parent Hacks featured on Blogher

BlogherMary Tsao did a fantastic writeup of Parent Hacks for BlogHer, the network devoted to supporting and promoting women bloggers. She highlighted a few of her favorite hacks: seaweed, mold-free tub toys, Bandaid addiction, and middle-of-the-night crib sheet changes (hats off to the contributors of those hacks: Stacey, Danielle aka Foodmomiac, Jill and Sara! And Manicmom? Thanks for the kind words in the comments of the article.).

By the way, I'll be attending the BlogHer conference in San Jose, CA in July. I'll give you more details as the date approaches, but if you plan to come, please find me and say hi!



  1. foodmomiac says


    I am 90% sure I’ll be headed to BlogHer. I’m excited to hopefully meet you!

  2. Matt says

    Clay and I should be at Blogher too Asha, would love to meet up :)

    Matt. Co-founder of Minti