Creating a kid-friendly garden

Portland, Oregon springtime, with its explosion of color after months of gray drizzle, gets me in a digging mood. I’m a gardening lover and a plant geek, and I have found it difficult to balance my craving for a backyard paradise with my kids’ desire for a play structure. I’ve struck a decent compromise (I […]

Today is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Every year, the fourth Thursday in April is Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day. If you're a parent who works outside the home, it's a great opportunity to show your kids what the rest of your day looks like, what kinds of problems you solve, and who you spend time with (often, people […]

Zinc oxide “highlights” where to trim tiny fingernails

Another brilliant hack from Andi: If you have difficulty seeing where to cut when trimming your baby or toddler’s nails (They’re so thin that they can be almost transparent) you can spread a little zinc oxide diaper rash cream on your palm and then “scratch” with the baby’s fingers to get a little under their […]

How to make a cool chair for your kids


Eirik's a handy guy: Two years ago I made a chair for my son that has been very popular. It works fine for years and is quite safe even for kids that can't walk or sit properly. Because of the way it is made your kid will not easily fall out and with the wheels […]

Target’s prescription bottles simplify measuring and dispensing medicine

Sara puts in a vote for Target's innovative prescription medication bottles: Target's pharmacy puts inserts into their liquid medicine bottles that let you get the medicine out by inserting a needleless syringe and turning the bottle over — no mess, exact measurements, it's wonderful. Even cooler, when you are done with the medicine, you can […]

Morning and evening routines

Carissa created illustrated lists to help her kids with their daily routines: I recently got tired of searching for Skitty, Magic Bunny, Jojo and other stuffed friends who were MIA when bedtime rolled around. Everyone would be tucked in bed and we'd be ready for the lights out countdown when someone would burst into tears […]

Cold washcloth helps teething

Crissy found a way to entertain her baby and help his teething at the same time: In the morning I usually have a wrestling match with my 10 month-old when it comes time to get dressed. He is also teething and I have found the perfect trick. While I sponge bathe him, I give him […]

Babies and dirt go together just fine

A recent study suggests that early exposure to allergens strengthens babies' immune systems and protects them from allergies and asthma later on. Read Dr. Parker's entire "Healthy Children" post on the topic (there are a couple caveats), then throw away your antibacterial soap, give the feather duster the day off, turn up the music, and […]

How to create a family photo blog with Blogger and Flickr

Parent Hacks readers notwithstanding, most families are still getting comfortable with the idea of using a blog as a family newsletter. PH reader Chris has been good enough to write up a simple family-blog-with-photos tutorial for all of those people who visit your blog and ask "how do you do that?" Tags: Blogging, Flickr, Parenting