Never lose a marker cap again

We're always losing marker caps around here (or I'm running around retrieving caps while the kids color, blissfully unaware). Saw this solution at our local science museum:

Drill holes about 1/3 of the way into a block of sanded scrap wood. The holes should be about the same diameter as the marker caps. Place a drop of glue into each hole, and then wedge the caps, upside-down, into the holes. Once the glue dries, you have a sturdy stand for the markers, and no more @#$% caps rolling around the floor. When the markers dry out, replace only the pens.

(P. S. Hey, Crayola and other marker manufacturers! How about making one side of the markers a bit flatter so they don't roll off the table?)

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  1. John says

    Some friends gave us markers in a beautifully decorated block like this a couple years ago. Within minutes, the felt tip ends of half the markers had been broken off when our boys pulled the markers out of their caps at an angle. It seems like a great idea, but it didn’t work at all for us.

  2. Peter Davidson says

    I totally agree that markers and crayons should be square or triangular to stop the rolling.

    Until the cluephone rings at Crayola try a twisted rubberband around the shaft of the marker or crayon. Alternately, a dried dab of hot glue on the shaft will stop the rolling. Just don’t teach the kids how to pop them off.

  3. Andi says

    When I was teaching children’s art classes, I often taped or glued a single toothpick to the barrel of each marker. This created a teardrop shape that would only roll a single revolution.

  4. Marlynn says

    you lost me as soon as I read “drill holes…” that is too much work for a small problem, at least for this mama :). Doesn’t someone out there make a square marker? which family-owned business is going to patent that right now? we’d all be behind you!

  5. Jill says

    Crayola and other companies want you to lose the marker tops so that your markers will dry out and you’ll buy new ones. I save a few lids when I toss old markers so I have lids to fit even if the color doesn’t match.

  6. Lisa says

    Simpler hack (and seen on artful parent blog – sorry I couldnt find the link). Take a square/round container and pour plaster of paris inside, then stick markers cap end down into it until set. After dry, pull the markers out and add a drop of super glue to the bottom of each hole to adhere the caps to the plaster. Then stick the markers back onto the caps.

    Caps stay in the bowl, markers come out for easy use.

    Love it, and no power tools required.