Multi-purpose shopping cart seat cover

Julia took the problem of crufty shopping carts into her own hands:

The one thing I can't live without is my shopping cart cover. I modified a pattern that I found in my local sewing shop and it now goes every where with me. I never liked the idea of touching all those nasty germs on the shopping cart handles. I also have been know to use mine as a play mat, an extra blanket for cold days and a diaper pad. Who knew that something so simple could be so useful! Here is the one I make and now sell to bring income into my very busy house!

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  1. Caron Arnold says

    We use something similar called the Floppy Seat. (

    We originally purchased it to help our infant sit up in the shopping cart. He couldn’t sit on his own yet, at 4 months, but he was too big for his infant seat.

    We still use the floppy seat in every shopping cart and in every restaurant high chair. And it’s cozy enough that if he falls asleep in the shopping cart, he has enough padding to rest: