Morning and evening routines

Carissa created illustrated lists to help her kids with their daily routines:

I recently got tired of searching for Skitty, Magic Bunny, Jojo and other stuffed friends who were MIA when bedtime rolled around. Everyone would be tucked in bed and we'd be ready for the lights out countdown when someone would burst into tears over a missing stuffed friend. So I made a bedtime list for the kids. Kaylee and I glued pictures to it so that the girls could follow it without having to be able to read it. We decided to make a morning list as well in hopes that they would all be more independent regarding getting ready in the morning. So far, the lists seem to be helping. And the great thing is, I don't have to nag them with reminders of what to do next. Instead, if I notice someone is off track, I say, "Go do your list" or "What's next on your list?" Here are ours:

Good Morning!
1. Go Potty
2. Nightlight Off
3. Get Dressed
4. Shoes, Coat and Backpack Ready
5. Eat Breakfast
6. Brush Teeth

Good Night!
1. Bathtime
2. Pajamas On
3. Brush Hair
4. Go Potty
5. Brush Teeth
6. Find Guys
7. Nightlight On
8. Story Time
9. Countdown!



  1. Lauren Snell says

    Your kids call the stuffed animals/bedtime friends “guys” too? That’s wonderful!

  2. momma2mingbu says

    “Guys” are all the stuffed animals who MUST be present in their beds to go to sleep.

  3. Amie says

    We do that too – my boys have a bin labelled “guys” for all the GI Joes, Happy Meal action figures, dolls, little stuffed animals, etc.

  4. Christian Pearce says

    The list idea works extremely well in other areas. For example my sister’s boy didn’t like eating dinner. It was recommended by a Dr. that she post a list of the meals for the week. Putting at least one fun meal on it he liked. Then he could see what was coming. Even if he didn’t like what was for dinner tonight he had something to look forward to.