MetroDad’s Jedi parenting tricks

Pierre, AKA MetroDad, is leaning on the ways of the Jedi as he raises his kid. What he's discovered so far: when Peanut wouldn't eat, he put her food in a dog bowl with good results. I don't recall Obi-Wan training Anakin this way, but then, Anakin ended up as Darth Vader. Perhaps a dog bowl would have done him some good.

Be sure to read the comments for more mom-and-pop twists on Yoda-speak, such as "Poop in the potty, you will." While you're at it, block out a couple hours on the calendar and read MetroDad's entire blog (and then subscribe to his feed). His writing is funny, honest, touching, biting, interesting…the best kind of personal blogging.

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