Make your own oral rehydration solution

Speaking of stomach bugs, a while back Sarah of Blogging Baby posted a recipe for homemade Pedialyte-type rehydration solution using Kool-Aid and salt.

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  1. Laryen says

    The only problem with the “pedialyte”/rehydration solution on is that it contains Splenda, which really defeats the purpose – it has to be sugar (or if none available then corn syrup) the sugar isnt merely there to make it palatable – it’s very necessary to ensure proper rehydration (as is the salt/sodium) [Just look at the ingredients on Gatorade]

    Other hacks, you can pre-make it and store it as a dry mix or of course freeze it

  2. wiggly says

    Um… Not a parent (future parent) but a fan of a small creature called a sugar glider which gets pedialyte as an oral rehydration solution since they can die of dehydration very very easily. Sugar gliders CANNOT have artificial sweeteners–they’re poison for the gliders–so the only pedialyte they can be given is the flavourless stuff. The fact that ALL flavours of pedialyte now contain artificial sweeteners implies that no, sugar is NOT necessary for rehydration.