Low-tech babyproofing: keeping doors shut

Here's how Amie keeps toddler fingers safe from pinchy doors:

When we did our babyproofing we were unable to install commercial door handle latches because most require removing the doorknob/handle, and ours are very difficult to remove. Our cheap, easy solution was to place folded-up washcloths in between the door and the frame while closing the door.  You can do this with any interior door.  This method even allows you to "lock" doors you can't put the latches on, because the door can still be opened from both sides.  We place the washcloth high enough to be out of the toddler's reach but not too high for the older children to remove. To open the door you pull on the washcloth while pulling open the door.  It does look kind of funny, but as we've previously established that doesn't bug us :)

[Amie was the smart reader who came up with the idea of tagging associated Flickr photos as parenthacks. Be sure to check out those washcloth photos! — Ed.]



  1. Lisa says

    Excellent Idea, we have automiatc door closers on our doors, so if the baby got the door opened he could easily get his fingers caught as it swung shut. I will be trying this right away. Thanks!

  2. dadministrator says

    To keep the doors from being slammed shut on fingers (theirs or mine), just throw a towel over the top of the door, near the hinges…truly pisses of my toddler; she actually looks now for the “tah” before attempting to bounce a door off her brother…