It’s TV-Turnoff Week (cringe)

April 24-30 is TV-Turnoff week, and I find myself feeling a bit desperate at the thought of no tube. Not because I watch — I hardly ever do — but because TV plays a pivotal role in my 5pm get-dinner-on-the-table routine. My kids watch a TiVo-enhanced hour of something while I'm getting dinner ready, and I'm as addicted to that 60 minutes of relative quiet as they are to their Dragon Tales and Sesame Street. Not a major sin, in the scheme of things, but definitely something to think about.

If you're looking for something to do, FamilyFun has a good selection of arts and crafts, activities, printable coloring pages and puzzles, and kid-friendly recipes.

How are you spending TV-Turnoff week?

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  1. decompiler says

    does this include parents? more to the point, does it include using the tv to play xbox? a gamerdad’s gotta have his wind-down time after the little one’s tucked in, you know?! and i don’t know if the momma will ever be willing to give up her daily dose of law & order…

  2. Jill says

    It’s spring! Send ‘em outdoors with some squirt bottles filled with water and have them water any living thing they find. The bugs might not appreciate it as much as the plants, but whatever. They’re outside.

  3. Paul Turnbull says

    Our two 3 1/2 year olds watch no regular TV, just an occasional (less than once a week usually) ‘show’. Shows are usually Pixar shorts on my laptop (they are Boundin’ addicts) or a local kids nature show on video we get from the library. In the summer at the lake we have Beatrix Potter videos they watch sometimes as well. In an emergency (like the four hour drive to the mountains this winter) we have Mr. Dressup and Blues Clues on DVD for the car.

    The distraction for the kids so mom can get dinner together is dad. Right now that means out in the backyard where I do yard work and they play in the sand. In the winter it usually means me reading them stories. :)

  4. jennifer and the beans says

    My 8-year-old is philosophical about no TV and is getting caught up on her reading. My 3.5-year-old REALLY misses the background noise, but I am playing music for her, encouraging her to play in the sink, go outside and run around, color, draw, dance, look at books, take care of her baby doll, help me around the house, play on the computer, etc. We are still turning the TV on once a day so we can play DDR so Mommy doesn’t get fat. :)

  5. Nick says

    Just like “buy nothing day”, “no gas day” and the omnipresent “feel vague liberal guilt at living in the 21st century day”, we will not be participating.

  6. Dan S says

    We will be spending TV-Turnoff Week as normal, with the TV when we are watching and off when we are not.

    However, we will be honoring No Brussells Sprouts Week.

  7. Blackrazor says

    When this was brought up at breakfast by my 8-year old daughter, my 5-year old responded by saying “if everyone else is turning off their TV this week can we have ours on all week?” I have never been so proud- just like her dad…