How to keep a hat on your baby’s head

Here's how Caley keeps a hat on her baby:

My 9 month-old son loves to take his hats off during our walks. Until today, I was CONSTANTLY having to stop every couple of minutes to pick his hat up off the ground and return it to his head. Short of buying him a bonnet or some other such covering that I could tie to his head, I wasn't sure what to do. The last time we went for a walk, he actually dropped his hat right smack in a pile of fresh goose poop. So before leaving for today's walk, I grabbed an extra hat in case the geese won again. Like clockwork, shortly into the walk, off came Baby's hat. Before he could toss it out the side of his stroller, while he was still inspecting the tag on it, I quickly slipped hat #2 onto his head, and he was none the wiser!



  1. AJ says

    I use tie-on hats (tied under the chin). Just put on the hat 10 minutes before you leave so that, if the kid is going to cry and try (in vain) to rip off the hat, he gets it out of his system before you are in public.

  2. Another Sara says

    Really? I always make sure to put hats on while we’re outside so that the big, marvelous world distracts the wee one from his small, inconsequential hat. Same thing with sunglasses. If I put them on inside, it’s all he can think about (partially because it’s so dim, I’m sure.) But if I put them on outside, he’s immediately distracted by virtually everything.