How to host a clothing swap

Rookie Moms Heather and Whitney explain how to host a clothing swap, in which you exchange all of your perfectly-usable-but-boring clothes for fabulously stylish duds. The magic is that somehow your boring stuff looks wonderful on someone else, everything's free, and everyone has a good time.

Heather and Whitney describe an adult-only event, but obviously this would go down well for kid clothes too. Yes? My post about preparing used clothes for resale will help you get ready (especially that stain-removing tip). If you include toys or gear in the swap, give 'em a once-over with a Magic Eraser before the big day (thanks for the suggestion, Kelly Jeanie).

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  1. Erin says

    This is a GREAT idea. My friends and I used to do this 4 times a year as the seasons changed. And we didn’t just stop at clothes….jewlery, housewares, etc.

  2. Edward Vielmetti says

    We’re in a clothing exchange that has been going strong since the early 1980s. The earliest kids in the exchange are now having kids of their own.

    It started through metro Detroit area fandom, but has expanded since then.

    Anna, one of the organizers, wrote:

    “The exchange started because there was a need (baby clothes are
    expensive) and because there was an easy way to meet the need (baby
    clothes don’t wear out wiht one baby) and because over the years
    people have preferred to see their still-good baby and child things be
    used by their friends and acquaintances rather than giving these things to strangers. The amount of organization and effort needed to keep it running is quite small, compared to say, helping run a convention, so that many fannish folks can easily squeeze it in to
    their schedules. ”