How to create a family photo blog with Blogger and Flickr

Parent Hacks readers notwithstanding, most families are still getting comfortable with the idea of using a blog as a family newsletter. PH reader Chris has been good enough to write up a simple family-blog-with-photos tutorial for all of those people who visit your blog and ask "how do you do that?"

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  1. Brian says

    Don’t forget to add YouTube for embedded videos in your blog. My family loves the videos on my son’s blog.

  2. Chris Brogan... says

    Good idea about YouTube. I’m more of a fan of, as they’re linked with the project, etc.

    Another great alternative for video would be, and the cool thing there is that they handle encoding from multiple formats very easily.

    Great idea, adding video.

  3. Craig says

    I did this very thing a week ago with the intent to share photos with the family back in the states. After two posts I stopped using Flickr and just use blogger.

  4. djuggler says

    Blogger is notorious for deleting blogs without warning. I recommend a hosted solution where you have control over your content. is one top systems but if hosting your own is daunting try WordPress is far more powerful and flexible.

    I blogged for 2 years and when Blogger deleted my account without warning, I lost pictures, recordings of my children, and numerous hours of drafts that will never recovered.

    Start blogging on the right foot. Use anything except Blogger, Xanga or MySpace.

  5. Rachel Cook says

    I have recently profiled Amiglia (Photo sharing + dynamic family tree + shared calendar + videos) you may also like to have a look at this as well. Quite easy to set up.

  6. Parent Hacks Editor says

    A desktop blogging app keeps local copies of all your entries and photos on your hard drive (nice backup if something bad happens at your blog host). At the moment, I use ecto.