Homemade LED “throwies” as caravan car markers

ThrowieAndi came up with a brilliant application for these little homemade glowies:

I stumbled across a tutorial to make LED "throwies" and thought that these would be great to stick to everyone's cars for group road trips. When I was a Girl Scout, and then later when I was manager of the soccer team, we often took trips with multiple cars in a caravan. Booster flags, etc work great during the day, but they're not as visible after dark. These are simple, inexpensive, and could be made by the kids in the troupe or on the team and sold to parents as a fundraising project.

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  1. momma2mingbu says

    LOL…when I worked in theatre we used these to mark centerstage and quarterstage for dance shows. I also used them sometimes in particuarly dark places backstage to make sure people knew where potential hazards were.

  2. Diabloboy says

    I found these already made by StreetGlow. I bought some & they have been glowing for over a week!! LED GLOWIES ROCK!!