29 April 2006

For the inevitable "bloody mess"

From Jennifer, in the "why didn't I ever think of this" department:

I have a handful of black and navy washcloths that I save for cuts, scrapes, and bloody noses.  When I'm wiping up the kids (now 3 and 5), they don't have the added trauma of seeing their own blood on a washcloth.  Since I started doing this, their "recovery" time has improved immensely, and the whole ordeal of patching-up has become no ordeal at all.  In fact, last year, the only time I put on a bandaid was after my daughter fell off her bike.



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Duh! This is brilliant! I've got a sensitive child that will sometimes literally vomit at the sight of his own blood. Thanks for the great hack!!!

Great hack. Simple. Useful. Wise. Jennifer send in more hacks, I like how you think; I bet you have more! And to Asha and ParentHacks contributors: you all are growing increasingly useful, entertaining, ADDICTIVE. Carry on!

I love the fact that as a mom of a 13 month-old I can get hacks like this from BTDT moms. This is so simple but brilliant.

My brother got kicked in the chin when he was three and bit his tongue badly enough to go to the ER. Unfortunately my mother gave him a lemonade Popsicle to calm him down -- you know, the white ones?

Bad, bad move.

Using dark wash cloths also keeps you from worrying about blood or mud stains. They don't show up!

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