Cold washcloth helps teething

Crissy found a way to entertain her baby and help his teething at the same time:

In the morning I usually have a wrestling match with my 10 month-old when it comes time to get dressed. He is also teething and I have found the perfect trick. While I sponge bathe him, I give him a cold washcloth to suck on. It soothes his gums, keeps the teeth he has clean and reduces the wrestling match while I am dressing him as he is preoccupied with sucking the life out of the washcloth.

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  1. momma2mingbu says

    Wet frozen washcloths make great teethers.

    I also used to give my kids one while I was spoon feeding them. They spent less time trying to grab the spoon away from me and they cleaned up a little of the mess with it, LOL!

  2. ChristieNY says

    Frozen/cold washcloths were great for my son as a baby, but when he was working on his 2-year molars the washcloth was old news and he didn’t want it.

    An expert eater by this time, frozen waffles filled the teether void and worked worked wonderfully – just don’t leave the child unattended incase they bite off more than they can handle as it softens/thaws. ;)