Baby food fruit sweetens smoothies

Here's how Michelle uses up baby food fruits:

I have a pantry full of baby food that we never got around to using when my son was younger, mostly the fruit varieties. My son is now 22 months old and has outgrown the jars. I figured out a way to not let it all go to waste. I use them to make fruit smoothies for my toddler! I had started out making his smoothies with whole milk plain yogurt, a little milk and some frozen strawberries (any fruit will do), and realized it tasted a little too bitter. That's when I thought of dumping in a jar of banana baby food (of course, make sure the baby food is not expired yet!). It added just the right amount of sweetness, he gets some extra fruit and the baby food doesn't go to waste! My son drinks it all up, – a nice healthy snack.

(Haven't tried it yet, but the same can be done to add flavor to plain yogurt)

A while back, kittenpie suggested a similar vegie mashup (bwa! little geek/music humor there).

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